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PurelyDarkAngel Deep down we are all monsters  2018-08-30
 PurelyDarkAngels profil

Keep comparing yourself to others and in the end you are the one loosing.

Namn: Anna
Ålder: Ja du.
Kön: Det borde vara uppenbart
Läggning: Ja vad jag känner för stunden
Personlighet: Det får du väl ta reda på
Stjärntecken: Tvilling
Kroppsbyggnad: Mullig Deal with it or leave
Fritid: Skriver historier och dikter
Skype/kik/snap: Har alla men det gäller att du ska förtjäna dem
Piercingar: 4st
Tatueringar: 5st

A angel so sweet
With eyes so blue
And a soul so black
She wanders her way
Through streets and ends
She smile so deep
Her eyes they weep
She drags her fingers
Along the flesh
One nail breaks
The skin and bone
Her laugh it echoes
Through time and space
Her naked feet
Kills the earth
Behind her she leaves
A trail of death
If you see her
You better run
You better hide
If she got you in sight
You life will end this night
So hear my words
Hear my cries
This angel is not nice
She kills with touch
And pain she causes
Only way to save yourself
Is if you give up your faith
Let the darkness
Your soul embrace

Om du skriver till mig se till att vara intressant, då har du större chans att jag svarar.

Jag är mig själv och inte någon annan så dra mig inte utmed samma längd som alla andra.

We live in a world that is twisted, where all we think about is to be like the other person. What happened to being yourself? What was it worth losing yourself just so you can be like everyone else?
We all have our own beauty and truth. Why are it so important trying to be someone else? What about being you?
Why cant we all be who we are and dont get thrown away like trash when we don't ''match''' the way the world play out that everyone should be and look like?
What happened to the pride? The pride of being who you are? who you wanna be deep inside of yourself? why do we need to be different because that is what everyone says we should be?
Be proud of being yourself, stand up for your own believes and no one else. Just be yourself and prove the world that it is they who are wrong not you. Prove that you are not afraid and stand up for yourself when you know no one else will do it. There are always someone that will try to push you down, don't let them because you are perfect just being you.

I love my imperfections, because them make me me. They make me perfect in my own an special way, I am grateful I have them. They are part of me forever and I take them with me always. I don't hide me because I chose to be free from the chains that hide the true power in the world, the truth of being yourself. I stand tall when someone tries to do me wrong, I know who I am without your reflection. I get another perspective and become grateful for the way you see me, out there there is someone who will love me because I am true. I am me and I am proud to be me. I smile and thank when someone tries to bring me down, in fact it only makes me stronger and more proud to be the one I am.
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